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chirurgia ręki

Hand surgery is a broad term that incorporates a vast array of different types of surgical techniques: microsurgery, general surgery, orthopaedics, neurosurgery and plastic surgery.

MdPhD Ireneusz Walaszek at Dom Lekarski received thorough traning abroad and is a certified hand surgeon approved by Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand (FEESH), performing procedures in every scope of upper extremity operating treatment.
All operations are performed at the highest international standards. The patients are provided with round-the-clock care by the team of qualified and experienced healthcare professionals.

Nerve treatment:
- Compressive neuropathies - carpal tunnel syndrome, cubical tunnel syndrome, other rare compressive neuropathies
- Treatment of nerve injuries: primary suture, nerve grafts
- Tendon transfers in nerve palsy

Bone and joints treatment:
- Alloplasty (joint replacement), Arthrodesis, Arthroplasty (joint reconstruction)

Congenital hand deformities:
- Syndactyles and Failure of differentiation and formation

Bone surgery:
- Fracture management, internal fixation
- Treatment of bone nonunion: bone grafts (free and vascularized)
- Bone infections treatment and Bone elongations
- Osteotomy in malunioned fractures

Soft tissue disease treatment:
- Dupuytren Disease
- Secondary postinjury reconstructions: nerve, tendon, vascular, soft tissue grafts, ligaments reconstructions
- Scar management
- Hand Tumors: lipomas, ganglia
- Pain Syndromes treatment

Wrist arthroscopy

Dr. Walaszek introduced the new surgical procedure - wrist arthroscopy, to Dom Lekarski. It is performed to make more accurate diagnoses and to treat any problems inside a joint. Arthroscopy enables the surgeon to see the anatomic parts and their movements without making large incisions into the muscle and tissue. It benefits patients in generally fewer problems and a more rapid recovery than with regular surgery. Furthermore, the scar is incomparably less noticeable – two points instead of long scar along the wrist, it improves a cosmetic outcomes.

Wrist arthroscopy proved to be more than effective and is becoming a standard in modern hand surgery. It can be used to treat chronic wrist pain, wrist fractures, ligament tears and ganglion cysts and to remove inflamed tissue.

Xiaflex (Xiapex) – Nonsurgical Dupuytren’s Contracture Treatment

Dupuytren's disease is an abnormal thickening and shortening of the tissue just underneath the palms’ skin. If the disease is progressive and limited hand function worsens the quality of life, your doctor might recommend a surgical treatment. But there is a way to avoid a surgery.
In February 2010, the American FDA approved Xiaflex (Xiapex in Europe) for the treatment of Dupuytren's contracture. It is the first approved nonsurgical treatment for this condition.

Xiaflex Dupuytren’s Contracture treatment is an outpatient procedure. First day the medicine Xiaflex is injected directly into the cord that causesthe finger to be bent. The enzyme in Xiapex - Clostridial collagenase, weakens the cord which then, the following day, can be pulled and mechanically broken by an experienced surgeon. Bent fingers thus become straight and functional again.

Dr. Walaszek is the first surgeon in Poland that has introduced this new treatment. He had completed required training and has the experience in Xiapex injection himself.

Compering to Xiaflex treatment costs in the US, you can save up to 80% for the procedure. If you would like to get to know more, mail the pictures of your hand to   

£1725 / $2930 (no hidden costs)
  • Consultation
  • Xiapex / Xiaflex Treatment
  • Follow up visit
  • 3 nights in dbl room in B&B ***
  • Transfer to and from the airport

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